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Beasts and Burdens

Is anyone else emotionally drained??? I am on overload right now. Absolutely running in the red. I am scared, frustrated, so incredibly sad for hard hit places like Italy, China, Spain... devastated for those who have lost family and friends and never had the chance to say goodbye; heartbroken for those who have died without loved ones nearby. Eternally grateful for those who can't stay home, doctors, nurses, food service workers, delivery people, grocery store stockers, cleaners and cashiers, my garbage collectors... and so damn angry at the people who are prolonging this nightmare by not taking it seriously.

I have been desperate to write, anything, AN-Y-THING, but nothing is coming to me at the moment. I just started a new job and though its part time, I have been spending extra time just trying to master the tasks.

When it's time to go to bed, I do, instead of staying up to animate this character I have created. When I do have a spare thought, I am thinking about what exhausts her... What are her flaws? The modern Sherlock, probably has aspergers, Monk has OCD, Stephanie Plum is a wrecking ball, Poirot is incredibly fussy... With what will Vanessa VanDuyn be challenged?

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