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Addition by Subtraction

Quick update before I get back to it.

I got up early to power through some character sketching and continue my writing from last night.

Yes, early is 7am.

Yes, we have all become accustomed to Corona Time.

I worked on a couple new pages for the website yesterday while working on World History with Mason. It turns out that while the Vanessa VanDuyn web design doesn't directly push the story forward, it makes me really excited to give the site a true purpose and that is great motivation to write!

I didn't get too much down yesterday, since we had to come back to school work after Marshall went to bed. But I can feel the momentum building and I have high hopes for a beginning, middle and end by the end of July.

The new web pages aren't live yet, but when I have built them out, I will share! Here is a quick look at the logo for the law firm Vanessa works for in the first book, The Grass in Always Greener. Tell me what you think!

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