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It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride

I have been completely distracted this past week. I would normally have an hour and a half to work on my outlining while Marshall played in the gym day care, but obviously we can't do that. Grandma isn't able to come over to give me a little time and while it is a bummer for me, I am glad that she is listening to the professionals and is staying safe at home.

Dan is home and he is hanging with Marshall right now, but I am one of the fortunate ones who is able to work remotely and I just started a new job that has me training a few hours everyday, so that is it for my spare time.

And, aside from the logistics of finding time to devote to this series, I don't even know what to say! My thoughts are consumed with all things Covid.

There is some good news, however. I have invested so much time and imagination on the Vanessa VanDuyn series that stepping away is not an option. It's as if all 20 book already exist and I am just waiting for them to blossom so everyone else can see them too. The other bright spot is that I am still on track to achieve my goal of having working draft completed by the end of July. Things are still moving, just not as quickly as I had hoped.

The track may be bumpy, but I'm hanging on tight and I hope you are too.

Peace, love and success to you in all of your personal endeavors during this curious time.

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